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Spray paint space art : Alien planets the universe


‘Alien planets the universe’ is a premium and very beautiful spray paint space art. We have so far discovered hundreds of alien planets but watching them through the eyes of our master spray paint space art artist Mr. Joel Chavez is another experience not to be missed.

Our discovery of exo-planets is often a spike in a graph. We cannot see planets with our existing optical technology as the properties of light itself prevent us from resolving the planets which lie light years away in far off star systems. Art however is not constrained and hence, we are proud to present you with such high quality space spray paint art.

This work is suitable for: 

  • People who prefer earth like alien exo-planets.
  • People who find the element of water attractive
  • This work is perfect for the bed room as it promotes a sense of calm to those who find a connection with the elements in the spray paint space art.
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Alien planets the universe: Artist’s inspiration behind

‘Alien planets the universe’ is a premium spray paint space art which has fantastic Earth like elements in a cosmic setting. Looking across an alien sea of possible water composition, we can see life giving green cliffs with waterfalls of misty white liquid which resembles water. (But is it ?)

In the upper atmospheric horizon we can see beautiful earth like alien planets in this alien star system. This work is one of my favourite depictions of other worlds as it resembles something which we can relate to in our home planet earth. This once again resonates with my style of connecting the unknown with the known.

Behind all my work, I want people to be more aware of the universe but at the same time respect this world as this is the only world we can call home for now. It will be a pity if we destroy mother nature and then aspire to discover alien worlds such as those depicted in my works. Charity as they say starts at home.

Alien planets are also known as exo-planets. So far we have found hundreds of such worlds strewn across the universe.  If you love such exo-planets, then do not forget to check out one of my personal favourite in pure black and white : Alien planets.

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