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Shipping was 3 days with tracking! Excellent support! Highly recommend, buying from ArtKraze and Mr. Chavez! You guys rock 🙂



I purchased 1 original and 1 print from Mr. Joel Chavez and his work is truly stunning, exceptional and premium quality. Highly Recommended!



Good packaging, Artwork had adequate protection and outstanding quality work.

Artkraze provided tracking and it arrived rapidly. Thanks

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Why ARTKRAZE ?What makes us so special?

ArtKraze was built to fund Social Example.

The profits from every purchase will ultimately benefit the people who have nothing and deserves a second chance.
We are funding the development of this powerful poverty management system. (Find out more)

Majority of our profits help fund poverty management systems

We sell for change and empowerment

Artists sell with Artkraze as a way of making their art contribute towards good of society.

Hence, they offer limited pieces of their art at special reasonable prices (negotiated by us) & affordable by greater number of people which helps raise more money for a good cause and promotes their art and art.

Our prices are..

Spray paint art is stunning

We intend on building the world’s best collection of spray paint art. Our collection comes from the best spray paint art artists who sell at Artkraze and we strive to put the best spray paint wall art masterpieces on your wall.

We are the world's exclusive dedicated spray paint art focused website

We are full of innovation

We started as the world’s first social art brand giving artists an opportunity to fight poverty through their art by helping fund powerful poverty management solutions by Social Example.

We are introducing amazing features which will make artists and you wonder why you never came to us before. Stay tuned for updates very soon !

Our upcoming awesomeness

Explore our exclusive premium spray paint art collectionBy Master Artist Joel Chavez: Pioneer and visionary artist


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We are the world's first social art brand

We enable art to be transformed into powerful change making medium for society. Support poverty eradication by buying art from ARTKRAZE.

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